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acute defi

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acute: [adjective] characterized by sharpness or severity. having a sudden onset, sharp rise, and short course. being, providing, or requiring short-term medical care (as for serious illness or traumatic injury). lasting a short time.

Acute definition, sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow;an acute pain. See more.

2. sharp, shooting, powerful, violent, severe, intense, overwhelming, distressing, stabbing, cutting, fierce, piercing, racking, exquisite, poignant, harrowing, overpowering, shrill, excruciating His back is arched as if in acute pain. 3. keen, good, penetrating, finely honed In the dark my sense of smell and hearing become so acute.

a : very sharp and severe. acute pain/infection. acute symptoms. b : becoming very severe very quickly. an acute disease. A hospital or doctor who specializes in acute care works with patients who have diseases or problems that require immediate care. an acute care hospital. — compare chronic. 6.

a·cute ( ă-kyūt') 1. Referring to a disease of sudden onset and brief course, not chronic, sometimes loosely used to mean severe. 2. Referring to treatment or exposure: brief, intense, short-term; sometimes specifically referring to brief exposure of high intensity. [L. acutus, sharp]

acute definition: 1. If a bad situation is acute, it causes severe problems or damage: 2. An acute pain or illness…. Learn more.

Acute: Of abrupt onset, in reference to a disease. Acute often also connotes an illness that is of short duration, rapidly progressive, and in need of urgent care. "Acute" is a measure of the time scale of a disease and is in contrast to "subacute" and "chronic." "Subacute" indicates longer duration or less rapid change.

Acute angle definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

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Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, the most common enzyme deficiency worldwide, causes a spectrum of disease including neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, acute hemolysis, and chronic...

Acute deficiency of fertiliser may be catastrophic: Minister. QUETTA - Minister for Food, Mir Asadullah Baloch, has said that acute defi­ciency of fertiliser in the province might prove to be catastrophic, adding that Federal Government and Frontier Corps (FC), Balo­chistan were being contacted to take immediate steps in order to thwart the smuggling of fertiliser to neighbouring.

A salivary gland infection is also called sialadenitis and is caused by bacteria or viruses. A salivary stone or other blockage of the salivary gland duct can contribute to an acute infection. Chronic inflammation of a salivary gland can cause it to stop functioning. Although the condition can affect anyone, including infants, those most at ...

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Acute chest syndrome is a complication of sickle cell disease. It can cause chest pain, cough, fever, low oxygen levels and abnormal substances in the lungs. The syndrome is the leading cause of hospitalization and death in people with sickle cell disease. It must be diagnosed and treated early. Appointments 216.444.6503 Appointments & Locations

Acute pericarditis is a painful condition where the fluid-filled pouch around your heart is inflamed. This can happen because of infections, cancer or heart surgery. While it's usually not dangerous on its own, it shares symptoms with a heart attack. That means you shouldn't ignore symptoms and should get medical care right away if you have them.

Acute appendicitis is the sudden and severe inflammation of the appendix. It can cause pain in the abdomen, and this pain may occur quickly and worsen within hours. The appendix is a narrow tube ...

An acute effect is a physiological reaction in a human or animal body resulting in serious symptoms that develop rapidly during short-term (acute) exposure to toxic chemicals or substances. Symptoms are dangerous and severe but often subside after the exposure stops. In some instances, acute exposure can cause sickness, severe injury or even ...

acute disease: a disease characterized by a relatively sudden onset of symptoms that are usually severe. An episode of acute disease results in recovery to a state comparable to the patient's condition of health and activity before the disease, in passage into a chronic phase, or in death. Examples are pneumonia and appendicitis. See also ...

Glucose‐6‐phosphate (G6 PD) deficiency is the most common human enzyme defect, often presenting with neonatal jaundice and/or acute hemolytic anemia, triggered by oxidizing agents. G6 PD deficiency is an X‐linked, hereditary disease, mainly affecting men, but should also be considered in females with an oxidative hemolysis.

Abstract. Rationale: A revised definition of clinical criteria for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), the Berlin definition, was recently established to classify patients according to their severity. Objective: To evaluate the accuracy of these clinical criteria using diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) at autopsy as the reference standard.

QUETTA - Minister for Food, Mir Asadullah Baloch, has said that acute defi­ciency of fertiliser in the province might prove to be catastrophic, adding that Federal Government and Frontier Corps (FC), Balo­chistan were being contacted to take . Latest News Breaking Russia Ukraine Pakistan the nation Nusrat. Likes ;

We present the UK perspective on aetiological case definitions for acute encephalitis and extend them to include immune-mediated causes. Expert opinion was primarily used and was supplemented by literature-based methods. Wide usage of these definitions will facilitate comparison between studies and result in a better understanding of the causes ...

Acute otitis media: Inflammation of the middle ear in which there is fluid in the middle ear accompanied by signs or symptoms of ear infection: a bulging eardrum usually accompanied by pain; or a perforated eardrum, often with drainage of purulent material (pus).Acute otitis media is the most frequent diagnosis in sick children in the U.S., especially affecting infants and preschoolers.

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OME is defined as the presence of fluid in the middle ear with accompanying conductive hearing loss and without concomitant symptoms or signs of acuity. OME is classified as subacute when it...

Acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) is a sudden worsening of the signs and symptoms of heart failure, which typically includes difficulty breathing (), leg or feet swelling, and fatigue. ADHF is a common and potentially serious cause of acute respiratory distress.The condition is caused by severe congestion of multiple organs by fluid that is inadequately circulated by the failing heart.

Delirium is defined as an acute, fluctuating syndrome of altered attention, awareness, and cognition. It is common in older persons in the hospital and long-term care facilities and may indicate a ...

The Pediatric Acute Lung Injury Consensus Conference (PALICC) has provided the critical care community with the first pediatric-focused definition for ARDS. The PALICC recommendations provide guidance on conventional ventilator management, gas exchange goals, use of high-frequency ventilation, adjunct management approaches, and the application of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for ...

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