Cake defi withdrawal fees

cake defi withdrawal fees

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Cake DeFi charges a fixed withdrawal fee. For cryptocurrencies on their native blockchain: Dash: 0.003 DASH; DeFiChain: 0.2 DFI; Bitcoin: 0.0005 BTC; Ethereum: 0.005 ETH; Tether: 10 USDT; Litecoin: 0.01 LTC; Dogecoin: 5 DOGE; Bitcoin Cash: 0.001 BCH; USDC: 10 USDC; For cryptocurrencies using the DeFiChain network: DeFiChain: 0.2 DFI; Bitcoin: 0.00006 BTC

What are the deposit fees at Cake DeFi? How can I withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain and Co? Why are ETH & USDT withdrawal fees higher compared to some other providers? How long does it take for my deposits to be confirmed? How long does it take for my withdrawal to be processed? What is the withdrawal fee for Cake DeFi?

What are the swap fees on Cake DeFi? Team Cake 8 months ago Updated After hammering down the swap fees by over 90% last month, we just introduced the following fee structure for our VIP customers and bakers: Normal 0.5% fee Journeyman 0.45% fee Pattissier 0.4% fee Confectioner 0.35% fee Master baker 0.3% fee

For the first deposit for ETH, USDT, USDC or ERC20 token (address creation fee) Since newly generated Ethereum addresses come at a high cost to Cake DeFi, we charge a one-time address creation fee of $35 for the particular coin being deposited. This does NOT affect you if you have already made an Ethereum-related deposit (ETH/USDT/USDC/DFI ERC20) in the past, and as mentioned, it is only a one-time fee for your first deposit in one of these coins.

The Freezer can be described as a loyalty program that rewards you for committing your funds with Cake DeFi for a certain period of time, ranging from just 1 month up to 10 years. It is available for funds allocated to the Staking & Liquidity Mining products. The regular freezer gives you up to an 85% rebate on the fees Cake DeFi takes.

All withdrawals are processed within 72-hours. Cake DeFi has specific security protocols in place for the benefit of clients, implementing best practices protecting customer assets and adhere to local regulations for suspicious and fraudulent activity checks. We constantly strive to strike a balance between speed and security.

Hi Cake team, First of all, I love Cake, and I love DFI. But these withdrawal fees are really tough to swallow: USDT - 35 USDT. ETH - 0.028 ETH (roughly $35) BTC - 0.0005 (roughly $16) For the ETH related networks, I understand that congestion on the network is a big factor, but is it possible to implement a variable fee there?

Once the 4 week period starts, you may not withdraw your funds until the end. The returns are quoted 7.5% to 8% APY which sounds like a more attainable ambition. ... The extra benefit of the Freezer seems to be based entirely on the reduction of fees that Cake Defi extract for their other services. ... Cake DeFi Pte Ltd currently holds an ...

There're some fees but this is the way I've been getting asset out of CAKE/DEX. kick out DFI to DEX (tiny fee) Exchange DFI for USDT (wrapped) Kick out USDT to cake wallet. Send USDT to coinbase wallet (make sure to use ERP20, which is unwrapping USDT) for a flat fee of $20

Question. Hello Cake DeFi community, I just started staking around 850 DFI last week and was wondering about the rewards so far. I am receiving between 0.55 and 0.75 DFI every 12h, so at max 1.5 DFI per day, but according to my layman calculation at around 100% this should be at least 2+ DFI (850 / 365 = 2.32xxx).

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How are ETH & USDT (ERC20) fees calculated? Please see the example below for illustration purposes: 120k gas * gasPrice in gwei * ETH price in USD / 1e9 . General calculator example: gasPrice: 94 gwei . ETH price: $1400. Cost per withdrawal = 120000 * 94 * 1400 / 1e9 = $15.792. gasPrice check

Send dBTC from DefiChain wallet back to Cake (remember to use DefiChain address here), which will unwrap to BTC. Withdraw BTC from Cake to any exchange that works for you in the US. 3. level 2. · 4 mo. ago. It is probably cheaper to go. DFI/cake - wallet - convert to BCH - send to DFI/Cake - withdraw to your exchange of choice. 4.

Cake takes 15% as a fee on all rewards. Rewards are paid out every 12 hours directly into your wallet on the Cake platform; it may take up to 24 hours for the first rewards. A snapshot of the Cake DeFi liquidity mining pools

12:41 Withdrawing USDC from Cake Defi & high withdrawal fees (Cake is working on improving that!) 17:11 Is Cake Defi trustworthy? What are the risks? How much to invest? 18:50 TenX crypto startup 22:24 Is Cake DeFi worth it for me? 23:14 Summary. Sign up with my link and get a free $30 bonus of DFI after you deposit $50 into Cake Defi (without ...

Click on the baker's hat at the top right. Click on "Balances" there. Click on "Withdraw" at the Coin you want to withdraw. Important: Choose the right network! It says exactly which network you can use! Also, please make sure that the receiving platform supports the network that you selected. Now you only have to fill in the fields with the ...

You can consider using Gemini to send your crypto to Cake DeFi as they do not charge you any fees for your first 10 withdrawals. Furthermore, Gemini's Active Trader platform only charges you up to 0.35% for each trade you make.

At the same time, you may want to take note of the minimum withdrawal of 0.003BTC and 0.056 ETH. Currently, Cake DeFi charges you 0.0005 BTC or 0.03 ETH for each withdrawal you make. If you intend to make one withdrawal each month, then BlockFi may be the better platform to save on your fees.

Good deal, but be aware of withdrawal fees. Since newly generated Ethereum addresses (ETH, USDC, USDT, or any ER20 token) come at a cost to Cake Defi, they pass on the cost to users by charging a one-time address creation fee of $25. Cake Defi also charges very reasonable fixed withdrawal fees for most cryptocurrencies (besides Tether and USDC):

The Freezer can be described as a loyalty program that rewards you for committing your funds with Cake DeFi for a certain period of time, ranging from just 1 month up to 10 years. It is available for funds allocated to the Staking & Liquidity Mining products. The regular freezer gives you up to an 85% discount on the fees Cake DeFi collects.

Cake's withdrawal fees are fixed and listed on their site, and they do evaluate it from time to time. For instance, USDT withdrawals were only just reduced from 60 to 15 in the last 2-3 days.

Cake Pte. Ltd. ("Cake SG") is a private company limited by shares incorporated in Singapore (Company Registration Number: 201918368M), and whose registered office address is 71 Robinson Road #15-106 Singapore 068895. ... "Liquidity Pool Withdrawal Fee" means a service fee payable by users to the Company to facilitate withdrawal of ...

How to earn the highest interest rates with Cake. In addition to the base rate, Cake pays 4% interest denominated in DFI coins, the platform's native cryptocurrency. This interest is guaranteed like the base rate, but the value of the DFI token can fluctuate significantly. Additionally to the base rate and the DFI-rate, investors can receive a ...

Bittrex charge you 0.1 DFI (approx $0.30) to withdraw your DFI to Cake Defi (to cover the network fee) hence buy $50.50 to cover the withdrawal fee. After 180 days you can withdraw your bonus $50 DFI (plus staking interest) from Cake Defi to Bittrex and sell on Bittrex for free using your Bittrex trading credits.

Withdraw usdt from Binance to Kucoin (withdrawal fees: 1 usdt) Buy dfi on Kucoin. Withdraw dfi from Kucoin to Cake Defi (withdrawal fees: 0.2 dfi) 1. Reply. Share. Report Save Follow. level 1 · 6 mo. ago. Hi, someone has done this before to convert DFI back to Fiat. I guess you can reverse the process to buy DFI and transfer to CakeDefi.

Cake swag box Get a box containing official Cake merch, swag and other goodies. 1 free withdrawal every 3 months Pay no fees for any one withdrawal of your choice. Resets every 3 months. Discounted DEX swaps Pay a lower fee when swapping on the DEX. Dedicated account manager Get even more enhanced support with a dedicated account manager.

If you swap via DeFiChain DEX and you want to send your USDT to any other Exchange / wallet, you have to go via Cake DeFi and pay again withdrawl fees again. DFI on CAKE - DeFiChain DEX - swap to USDT - send USDT to Cake - withdraw to whatever you want. DFI on CAKE - withdraw do Bittrex /KuCoin - swap to USDT - withdraw to whatever you want ...

As one of the comments asked, depositing $50 of ANY of the above tokens works. I would transfer a little more than $50, since if in the transfer window the value goes down a little and $49.99 arrives in cake, you will not get the referral bonus. I have also gone through the coins, and here are the withdrawal fees listed on the website.

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